Welcome to the first post of my blog!

My name is Jamie Tyrell, a father, brother, an experienced helping professional and a partner in crime with my love, Josee. The following weeks will feature thoughts, articles, and insight into what was my detriment to now has become my passion; understanding and mitigating compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma and burnout. I will explain to you from my perspective what I went through, how my journey of understanding what compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma and workplace burnout affected my life. This includes my co-workers, my friends and most importantly…my family.

The questions I ask out loud are real. I ask them out loud because I never knew what I was being affected by, how it controlled my life and what it did to those around me. My job was killing me. If you read the words I describe and they relate to you, explore it and let yourself be a little vulnerable to what is being explored. One of the tools I keep in my toolbox is the ability to realize that I experienced compassion fatigue because I cared, was concerned and wondered how my decisions affected the people I was helping. As well, how the client’s experiences and stories affected me on a level I never knew was possible.

Come with me and gain some insight into what made me who I am today, and how I overcame and continue to work-on in dealing with the challenges of being a professional in the helping field.